December 1 – 8, 2013 Plantings #330 – #338

December 1, Planting #330 Ohia Lehua, Kula Maui,

20131218-201724.jpg Location Skyline Eco Adventures, between the Bridge and the landing of the big Zipline!

December 2, Planting #331

20140110-215142.jpg Naio planted behind the Hale at Menele Harbor on Lanai. Thanks to Trilogy’s Blue Aina Program, Plant a Wish received a donation.

20140117-203721.jpg Thanks for the big check. This money is going to help fund the Plant a Wish documentary film in progress.

20140117-204003.jpg It was a perfect day to bring a native tree to Lanai. I tried to buy a native tree locally. I called many people and places in search of a Lanai sourced plant, but there is no place to get one. Hopefully the owner of the whole island Larry Ellison or one of his employees can eventually set up a native plant nursery. From what I have read, Lanai has suffered some of the worst Eco-system collapse in the state besides the island of Kahoolawe.

20140117-205906.jpg It felt really good to bring back 1 more native tree to Lanai. We had to wrap it with ugly fence to protect it from wild axis deer and goats. The main problem for reforestation here is the overpopulation of very hungry grazing animals. They have been eating themselves into starvation. Aloha!!!

December 3, 2013 Planting #332

20140117-211036.jpg Ohia Lehua planted @ Skyline Eco adventures in Kula Maui. Location is near the fence down from the swinging bridge.
12/4/2013, Planting #333

20140117-211432.jpg A‘ali‘i planted near the water drainage trench on my driveway, Piiholo Maui.

20140117-211646.jpg Henry got a new swing today.

12-5-2013 Planting #335

20140117-213120.jpg Henry is the keeper of this special ohia tree.

20140117-213335.jpg I feel very lucky to live on a property with hundreds of native plants in the back yard.Not many people on Maui have access to this version of history. Henry and I are very lucky to steward this true paradise.

12-6-2013 Planting #335

20140117-215217.jpg A‘ali‘i planted on the Haleakala side of the Mokulele Highway just south of the Maui Raceway Park. Henry and I have somewhat adopted this area where many trees have died. They had been planted with a water system, but somewhere along the line the water stopped flowing here killing all the trees. We have been systematically replacing each one with a very drought tolerant native species. So far we’ve had 100% success over the past year in this very harsh, dry, and unforgiving location. The only water this area gets is minor rainfalls and the 5 gallon jugs I bring once every few months.

20140117-220057.jpg Henry and I happened to be delivering native Christmas trees in Kihei and decided to swing by this random roadside location that we are now totally connected to. Aloha!!!!

12-7-2013 Planting #336

20140117-220528.jpg Ohia, Skyline Haleakala 4,200ft Kula Maui.

12-8-13, Planting #337 Ohia Lehua Piiholo Maui

20140123-214941.jpg This work, if kept up, will help bring more clean drinking water to our grandchildren.

20140123-215513.jpg Just think if our generation found a way to leave the land, for future generations, in better shape than we inherited it.
Plant more native trees everybody. Collectively, It will make a big difference. I’m seeing it happening. It is beautiful.


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