November 3 – 30th. Planting #302 -329

20131210-170409.jpg Planting #302
November 3rd
This photo shows the Koa tree that grew in my rain gutter that I transplanted and the mother tree behind it. Grow Big!!!!!

20131210-170932.jpgHenry had to sit this one out.

November 4, Planting #303

20131210-171246.jpg Captain Henry, Fish and I gorilla planted 1 A’ali’i tree at Owen and Lari’s house in Lahaina. Lahaina in Hawaiian means Mercyless sun. It is a hot place. Once established, native plants require no irrigation in urban communities. It is good to plant them in places like Lahaina. Owen and Lari are now local trend setters.

By the way, Lari makes clothes for women that look very sexy. She has a store with lots of sexy clothes at 505 front street called Le Ru. You should check it out.

20131210-172343.jpg Henry had his first moment at the helm of a sailboat. We never left Lahaina harbor but It was still fun. Fish gave Henry his first captains hat.

20131210-193540.jpg Henry felt right at home aboard Nepenthe.

20131210-193725.jpgJust another day with the boyz!

November 5, Planting #304

20131210-201956.jpgIt’s 10:45pm. I forgot to plant a tree earlier today. Nothing like sleepy tree planting adventures!

November 6, Planting #305

20131210-202448.jpg Another backyard Ohia tree planting excursion lead by Captain Henry the crab crawler.

20131210-203207.jpg Ohia trees grow really pretty flowers.

20131210-203304.jpg The flowers turn into this.

20131210-203442.jpg Full of thousands of seeds. These seeds actually originally blew to Hawaii via the wind. They traveled +3,000 miles to get here and become one of the first plants to grow out of the bare volcanic rock. The fallen leaves of these trees decomposed and became the first Hawaiian dirt. These trees are legendary. It is wild how many of them have been removed from the Maui landscape over the past 200 years.

20131210-204029.jpg Henry is very stoked help bring them back! Feed the bees! Lehua flowers make the best honey!

November 7, Planting #306

20131210-204351.jpg On the way to a party at the Lavender Farm in Kula, Henry and I stopped by the roadside memorial for the car crash victims near the Kula 200 neighborhood. We planted an A’ali’i tree. We had ran into the mother of Steven Shaw while at the bench. It was nice to see her again!

20131210-205729.jpg Henry and I are sending our deepest aloha to the family and friends of those who died here.

November 8, Planting #307

20131210-210414.jpg Captain Henry supervises the late night planting of this ulei tree in his pajamas. Piiholo Maui is getting lots of native plants this year. My back yard habitat rocks!!!!

November 9, Planting #308

20131210-211159.jpg I was contacted by a student from Baldwin High School named Megan. She asked me to mentor her for her senior project on land conservation. I invited her and her mom to join me on a Zipline tour. The Skyline Haleakala tour gives a good simple Maui history lesson packed with an adventure. We have restored about 5 acres along the course over the past 10 years. They had a great time. After the tour we planted 1 Ohia tree in the rain. This tree is dedicated to Megan’s Uncle Willy.

November 10, Planting #309

20131210-215831.jpg Henry and I planted this Ohia tree on the edge of a cliff across from my neighbor’s house.

20131210-225924.jpg Then Henry took a nap.

November 11, Planting #310

20131210-230124.jpg Late night tree planting on my driveway. A flash flood once dug an 8 ft deep hole that we had to fill in with a backhoe. This Ulei plant now marks the spot.

20131210-230652.jpg I planted this shrub just above the flood line on the side of the cliff.

November 12, Planting #311

20131210-231213.jpgHenry drove us down into Waikapu valley. We enjoyed a beautiful day.

20131210-231650.jpg We planted ulei next to a rock wall near the stream.



November 13, Planting #312

20131210-232122.jpg The tools of an everyday tree planter. This koa tree is now growing in my back yard.

November 14, Planting #313

20131211-083432.jpg The mighty Koa forest shall return to the upcountry slopes of Haleakala. Especially in my neighborhood.


November 15, Planting #314

20131211-083802.jpg We replaced one tree that died with this Ohia!

20131211-083927.jpg Henry just realized he is a bass player.

November 16, Planting #315

20131211-090332.jpg Just another day in the world of Henry Koa.

November 17, Planting #316

20131211-090610.jpg Ohia tree planting after dark.


November 18, Planting #317

20131211-091207.jpg Skyline Eco Adventures native forest is taking root, one sapling at a time.

November 19, Planting #318

20131211-091541.jpg It is really cool to plant trees while at work. This Ohia could grow to become ancient. I wonder how many years that will take? When Is a tree considered ancient?

November 20, Planting #319

20131211-092214.jpg Just another stroll down the driveway. I never noticed the heart shape in the hill until I took this photo.

20131211-092547.jpg ready for action.


November 21, Planting #320

20131211-102946.jpg I planted this ulei shrub at Skyline Eco Adventures near the take off platform of zipline #1.

20131211-135959.jpg A ring of fertilizer will hopefully help this poor soil situation.

November 22, Planting #321

20131211-142423.jpg Yoda boy gets charged up!

20131211-142522.jpg Maui gets one Ohia tree on this chilly upcountry night.

20131211-142713.jpg The moon is bright and powerful tonight.

November 23, Planting #322

20131211-142930.jpg Just another day at the office.

20131211-143057.jpg This Ohia tree is now growing next to the steps leading up to the Zipline pavilion.

November 24, Planting #323

20131211-143350.jpg What are you looking at?

20131211-143502.jpg Ohia Lehua ….

20131211-143615.jpg Location on my driveway ….

20131211-143714.jpg Light for tree planting provided by 1990 Toyota pickup truck.

November 25, Planting #324

20131211-144146.jpg The Greenbay Packers have been playing quite poorly since Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone.

20131211-144316.jpg I planted this Koa tree next to my chicken coop.

November 26, Planting #325

20131211-194805.jpg One more Ohia tree planting at Skyline Haleakala. It feels so great to plant native plants here. We can fix the mistakes of the past. Eco-tourism is a great way to restore the land while educating the general public.

20131211-195431.jpg I hope people 200 years from now really benefit from this tree.

November 27, Planting #326

20131211-204550.jpg Henry and I stopped by the Lower Kula Highway Memorial and planted 1 Ulei shrub behind the bench.


November 28, Planting #327 Happy Thanksgiving!


20131211-210245.jpg Henry is very thankful today!

20131211-210429.jpg Thankful for the chickens!

20131211-210545.jpg Food coma induced Ohia tree planting in my yard!!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!!

November 29, Planting #328

20131211-210928.jpg This ulei shrubling is now growing at the corner of a sweet rock wall. I think I may have made up the word shrubling.

20131211-211155.jpg I like planting plants in the dark of night. It always feels good afterward.

November 30, Planting #329

20131211-211500.jpg I planted this Ohia tree while at work today!

20131211-211701.jpg A very long blog post, you have just read. Henry and I really appreciate your interest in this subject. This blog is a historic record …. The re-birth of an ancient forest. One tree at a time, this forest will return. It may take many generations. The ball is rolling now.

If you live on Maui and need a Christmas tree, call me 808-250-1469. I am selling and delivering potted Ohia trees that are awesome!!! You can order online



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