November 2, 2013 Planting #301

20131123-204413.jpg Today was a magnificent day!
Arbor Day / Zip for the Trees 2013.

20131209-201943.jpg We mobilized an Army of solid volunteers from the diverse Maui Community. Big thanks to Hui Malama Learning Center, Hawaii Canoe Club Kamalii Program, Kihei Lutheran Church, Kula Boyscout Troop 14, and various members of Captain Henry’s Eco Army.

20131209-202720.jpg We cleared out this hillside of about 800 invasive trees to make room and plant 120 natives. This was a major undertaking and a solid effort.

…. Here’s the “before” picture …


20131209-203525.jpgEucalyptus is pretty and smells nice, but is not good for our tropical watershed and fragile upcountry Eco System of Maui. In this case we had to violently clear cut into it in the name of progress. Future generations deserve healthy and functional natural watersheds.

20131209-204926.jpg Skyline Eco Adventures has been dedicated planting native trees for the past 12 years. I have personally coordinated the planting of +2,000 Hawaiian plants in this location. I LOVE MY JOB!!! We have now planted out all open space we have access to.

20131209-210028.jpg Me and Skyline Owner Danny Boren asses the planting area.

20131209-210613.jpg Serious business!



20131209-211112.jpg Big thanks to about 50 awesome people who worked hard today! Big respect to Skyline Eco Adventures for giving so much back to the land they utilize.

20131209-212018.jpg Today I was presented with an award from the Hawaii Ecotourism Association. I was honored as the Eco Tourguide of the year for the island of Maui!



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