Oct. 19 – 31 Planting #287 – 299

This is going to be a long blog post so I can catch up.

Oct 19 Planting #287 Koa – 11pm 20131114-215858.jpg I replanted a dead tree on the side of the cliff.

20131114-220110.jpg beach bumz all day!!

20131114-220343.jpg Oct. 20 Planting #288 A’ali’i.
Henry and I transported this dry land shrub to its native homeland of Kihei Maui. We planted at the home of Bryan and Shannon Berkowitz located behind Safeway. As I drove away I did not see any native trees on the block. I feel proud to re-introduce history to this newly developed suburban community.This may be the start of something really great.

20131114-221659.jpg I am getting ready to completely clear-cut this grove of invasive trees in Kula Maui in order to make room for a big tree planting event coming up in a few weeks on Arbor Day!

20131114-222403.jpg October 21 Planting #289 We met some new friends Caroline and Hunter. They cooked us the most amazing vegan dinner. We harvested a bounty from the garden and planted this Ohia tree in my back yard.


20131114-222927.jpg My chickens are molting (shedding and growing new feathers.) They look kind of creepy.

20131114-222030.jpg October 22 Planting #290
Henry and I returned to the roadside memorial site of Steven Robert Shaw and 4 other young adults in Kula Maui.

20131114-223337.jpg Before


20131114-224338.jpg The bench is now flanked by Ohia trees on both sides. May the memories of those who died in this spot live on. May all who sit on this bench find peace. Aloha!

20131114-225148.jpg October 23 Planting #291
Henry is ready for action. He knows the process / ritual by now. Planting trees is an every-day occurrence in Henry’s world.

20131115-214316.jpgWe found the perfect little crevis for this Ohia Tree!

20131115-215011.jpg October 24 Planting #292

20131115-215202.jpg Root inspections per Captain Henry.

20131115-220423.jpg This Ohia tree on my driveway will one day feed many bees and birds.

20131115-221010.jpg Don’t tell Mom.

20131115-221217.jpg Henry’s little buddy named Boulder was just born a few weeks ago with some heart complications. As he is getting his 1st of many Heart surgeries we planted 1 Ohia tree on October 25 Planting #293.

20131115-221525.jpg We planted this wish.



20131115-221739.jpgAloha Boulder!!!

20131115-222015.jpg October 26 Planting #294
I extracted this native white hibiscus from my dirty rain gutter.

20131115-222536.jpg I borrowed Captain Henry’s Tonka Dumptruck to transport this monstrous sapling.

20131115-222807.jpg Late night planting next to the chicken fence.

20131116-094608.jpg October 27, Planting #295
Koa Tree planted to replace a tree that didn’t survive. Not all tree plantings make it.

20131116-095559.jpg Henry has a good feeling about this one.

20131116-095658.jpg October 28, Planting #296
Ulei planted in a garden next to my lucky lion statue.

20131116-100132.jpgOctober 29 Planting #297
It is bedtime and I’m sleepy. Perfect time for a cliff side tree planting excursion.

20131116-103243.jpg</ October 30 Planting #298
Ohia Lehua Piiholo Maui.

20131116-104736.jpg Happy Halloween from the Raccoon.
October 31 Planting #299

20131116-105628.jpg It’s been a while since I’ve looked at the back side of my garage roof. I discovered this 1.5 ft. Koa tree growing in my gutter.

20131116-110459.jpg I transplanted it in my back yard. It feels good to give Mother Nature a Helping Hand.

20131116-110851.jpg That’s it for this long blog post. Thanks for being interested in our tree planting adventures. We hope other people will be inspired to plant native plants in your neighborhood.

Henry and I will be selling live native Ohia Christmas trees on Maui for the holidays. We will deliver to your house. They cost $75. Profits will benifit the completion of the Plant a Wish Film. http://www.plantawish.org

Call me to order your holiday tree and schedule a delivery. 808-250-1469



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